Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lady in Red

There are things you cannot be indifferent about. One of them is a beautiful woman in red dress. Like Megan Fox in Armani's dress.

Megan wore this dress in Los Angeles at her new movie's 'Jonah Hex' premiere. This bloody red silk dress by Armani PrivĂ© was designed just for her. It goes perfectly with her shiny black hair and simple accessories (black heels, the simplest clutch bag, rings and black nail polish). I  love the neckline with rose at the bottom. It's low and risky, and could look trashy at someone else. Megan looks elegant and sophisticated. I don't remember any fashion faux pas by her. She's this kind of person who looks gorgeous in jeans and t-shirt.  I have just one tip for her - stop doing it to your face. You're beautiful and don't need to change it. You don't want to look like plastic doll, don't you?

pictures - globalgrind

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