Monday, February 1, 2010

Anne Heche in Psycho

There are movies which I wouldn't watch if I wasn't interested in the costumes. I don't mean a movies about fashion itself because it would be just too simple. I've watched a movie 'Psycho' from 1998 directed by Gus Van Sant only because there wasn't anything else in tv. I don't owe a tv myself but I spent the weekend with my friends and had the chance to see what I'm missing. When I saw Anne Heche as Marion Crane, I couldn't stop staring till the end. Her character wasn't unfortunately shown in a whole movie but I hoped that it will. There were 2 costumes that seduced me - a pink suit and 60s style dress. It was so difficult to find a good pictures showing whole outfits. So if anybody has some and wants to share them with me - I would be very happy. 
Delicate Heche's beauty was perfectly stressed by soft-pink suit with a large flower buttons, round collar embroidered by white ribbon and mini skirt.

Then this beautiful 60s style dress was shown. It has perfectly fitted top and wide bottom. A very interesting fabric and collar cut at the back were joined with a straw handbag, flower earrings, a large buttons looking like crystals and a brown oval glasses. What a pity that I cannot find any picture showing this dress from the back and the front. I would find similar fabric and take it to the dressmaker. I sew myself from time to time but I wouldn't be able to make such dress without a help and good pattern. 
source: pink, 60s


  1. I looove the orange 60's style dress with matching earrings! Do you know who made the dress?

  2. unfortunately I have not idea. but I love this dress too

  3. I have a full length picture of Anne Heche's pink suit in the movie, but do not know how to post it.