Saturday, February 13, 2010

Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2010

1. Chanel
Nicely packed candy box. Or Mickey Mouse in a boudoir of XVIII century's elegant woman. Or rococo lady in a spaceship. Pearl's inside and diamond embroidered FabergĂ© egg. These were my first associations. Karl Lagerfeld had joined in his collection  many elements: a childish businesswoman, Greek deity, Indian beauty in sari and Japan geisha in kimono. Everything in a delicate beige and metallic silver. It's first Chanel collection without black colour, and what's follow after that - a little black dress, and golden buttons. It's impossible to describe it in just one word. There's too much mixed elements and eras. And I like everything. The lace mixed with metal, heart shaped hair with large bows, shoes with heels like rococo molding mixed with pearls, hi-tech gloves with sparkling stones. The collection is so fresh and, even with the historic references, very modern.

2. Elie Saab
A real candies for the eyes. A delicate dresses-flowers and ethereal women-nymphs controlled the catwalk. I'd say there are 4 main designs: a short dresses with wide brim which are perfect for younger customers, a long chiffon dresses with delicate print reminding me about lilies or meadow full of flowers, then with an old Hollywood style hips-long cut and long tight lily-shape. A colour palette contain delicate blue, pink, lavender, beige and yellow. The make-up was natural and there was no jewelery. I like the romantic braid around the head and soft waves falling at the arms. It reminds me about fairytale stories about princesses. Each dress is breathtaking. They are sexy, very feminine and sensual. Perfectly made for the red carpet. I fell in love in the first dress at the picture. I'd say you can love them or feel sick. Not everyone will like so much sweetness and
romanticism. But for sure we'll see some of them at the Oscars...


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