Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stenders Melon Bath Bubble Ball

Changing my house was a good idea because I have a bathtub now. After over 2 years of taking only shower I can relax in the bath. I've used to the shower so much that it was difficult to lay flat for a long time in a hot water. For the first time I've chosen Stender's melon ball. I've had it for a while to was unsure if it's still ok to use. The smell wasn't too intensive and I wouldn't guess that it's a melon. I was afraid that the salt will dehydrate my skin, but decided not to use any balm after the bath to check if that's the case and if the smell will stay on the skin. I have sensitive back and almost always after the shower have to use an oil or balm, as it's dehydrated. This time it was different. After the bath my skin was moisturised but without oily layer. I like bath balls but not the one with non-dissolving stuff like flower petals. It's a pain to clean the bath later. This ball has nothing like this. It dissolves fast giving greenish-yellow colour. Stenders products are advertised as handmade from natural ingredients. It's a big pleasure to pick up the product inside a shop looking like a herbalist's country house. The light is dimmed, the shelves are full of beautifully looking and smelling items and there are dried flowers hanging from the ceiling. Who had the pleasure of shopping in Stenders knows what I'm talking about. I've seen only L'Occitane en Provence shop designed in a similar style. The trend for everything what's natural and ecological is more and more popular and such products have a lot of fans already. After I've read the book 'Ecological Intelligence' I don't know what's really ecological so in this case I'll believe in the advertisement. Surely this product didn't cause any side effects, allergy or dehydrating and the skin is moisturised so overall I'm satisfied. I've read once that you should be worry if there are more than 20 ingredients listed on the package of the cosmetic. In this case I counted only 12 on Stenders website and there are just 6 listed on the package. I don't want to give too high note at the beginning so I'll rate the ball as 7/10. I give additional point for the care of the ecological brand image by using recyclable paper, linen and wool package. Even if my ball was packed in a plastic bag...

score - 7/10
extra 1 - for ecological image

picture: Stenders

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