Monday, January 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Jewellery

Tim Burton's movie didn't have its premier yet but made a noise already. The last project is limited jewelery collection designed by Tom Binns with the co-operation with Disney Co. The luxury collection, 'Tom Binns for Walt Disney Signature' will consist of 6 pieces and, as the pictures show, is as amazing as the fairytale itself. The price is $1000 - $2000 USD. The less luxury collection, 'Tom Binns for Disney Couture', will consist of 35 pieces and the price will be $100 - $500 USD. Each piece is inspired by different character or event. The collection will have its premiere in summer 2010 so together with the movie's. As I know the jewelery will be available to buy only in the luxurious shops and boutiques. I hope it'll become available on-line. On the picture below there's broken porcelain necklace. I unfortunately didn't find pictures of whole collection. I found a lot of posts about it but I'm not sure if the pictures relate to the collection and I don't want to mislead anyone, so only this 1 picture.

Here's a short film below from tea party that taken place in Las Vegas where the collection was presented.

And the latest movie trailer:

Urban Decay company created eye-shades palette inspired by the fairytale. The box shows a scene of Alice walking through the mushroom forest. It will be available on-line only in Urban Decay's shop. There was also a nail polish collection created.

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