Sunday, January 10, 2010

What can you find when your're not looking

I was looking for something completely different and found PhaseEight. I used to think that there are only clothes for... older ladies in such shops, but there're actualy a lot of pieces which I like. Maybe it means I'm getting older? There are only items being on sale at the moment which you can see below. I like them because they're very feminine, they can be worn for almost every occasion and they look solid. They are made from beautiful fabrics, with a great care for details and with vintage soul. They don't deform women's figure. I'm a bit tired of clothes which I see on the street, by trash and garish. I need something moderate, something in this style. Such style is timeless. You can find a dresses of such design in modern magazines and on the stars of old movies. I will have an eye on this shop. I'm enchanted.

pictures - Phase Eight

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