Sunday, January 24, 2010


Tory Burch
The collection is simple and a bit boring, but there's a few interesting elements. It was inspired by Louise Nevelson's sculptures. The dominant colours are gold, beige and black. What I really dislike are the shoes. A nightmarish, cut rubber boots. But without them the collection would be even more boring. At least something is happening. What do we have here? Leggings, 70s style prints, classic, simplicity, some blink, nylon jackets. Some of the models remind me of a boring work-uniforms. The first impression was good but the longer I look, the more I dislike it. It may seem that the clothes have something in common but I just don't see any cohesion. Here are leggings with an over-sized jumper, then the previously mentioned nylon jacket, a dress with print that looks like a cheap carpet, a terrible checked cardigan mixed with a circles-print skirt and a shapeless black dress at the end. I like only 2 sets: a blouse with metallic gloss mixed with a beige trousers and hued dress with a bow at the hip.

Carolina Herrera
An inspiration for this collection was a dance - Herrera discovered a colourful 1920's print of tango dancers. I admit that I like very much the first part of collection. It's a style showing a concept of classic femininity, without any weirdness, stressing but not deforming silhouette. Similar to Oscar De La Renta, she also proposes a rich, cheerful designs. Amazing, juicy colours dominated the collection - various shades of red, blue, canary yellow, deep black, grey. A real cocktail of colourful fabrics and crazy prints. A pure intriguing femininity. The dresses seem to delicately wave but get heaviness and massiveness at the end. Herrera said 'I wanted everything light as a feather' but she didn't realise this concept. Why? For example - because black tights don't go with everything. For sure not to the blue and yellow dress, or to the one-arm maroon one. Thinking 'lightness' I have different images in my mind. And is it only me who remember not to wear a black tights with a peep-toe heels? Even if these heels are pretty, who's going to wear them during winter weather? And by the way, are these clothes suitable for the generation younger than 30? And will they be liked by the 20 years old? In the night dresses I see women like Renee Zellweger or Cate Blanchett in these designs. My favourite ones are the blue skirt with sun-shape embroidery and similar jumper, sky blue dress with sculptured neckline and 3-coloured coat. 

Jason Wu
 Designs similar to Bulberry Prorsum. We have here uniforms, military colours, waist emphasised by leather belt, wide-strips tights. The main colours are navy blue, forest green, black, grey and muted red. Heavy fabrics like wools and tweed don't weigh the silhouette down. Almost complete lack of ornaments was compensated by strong silhouette line, ruffles, glitter threat and sequins. Every design is made to perfection. I especially like the glossy dress with interesting piece of leather on the neckline. If I have a choice, I choose mini and also because of the length this collection gets my appreciation. Thanks to that even conservative designs get modernity and lightness. It's definitely collection for women who value practicality and comfort without loosing attractiveness.

Nothing exciting but makes good impression. A simple shapes and comfort are the key of this collection. But isn't it too simply and not too little? Is it what one look for at the catwalk? Such clothes can be found in almost every shop. I wouldn't give Doo.Ri the highest note but I don't treat this collection as failure. Sometimes simplicity and comfort are everything what you need. For sure I like the experiment with a moon-surface-like print and patches looking like a careless paint smacks. I'm going to find similar white blouse with flower embroidery. There are girly cocktail dresses, feather at the collar, a spicy long leather gloves and thigh-length boots. Well, overall I'm a bit bored by this collection.

Giorgio Armani
A modern glamour. A well-fitted jackets with emphasised arms and strong colours are the most striking details. The colour palette was limited to just a few. Armani is keeping to his well-known style and don't make any mistake. To be honest, to me a huge arms are the biggest nightmare of current trends. But Armani in the way known only to himself transformed them to elegant and sophisticated. I really like the fabrics - satin-like, with a gloss. The blue is just amazing. I'm not a real fur fan but have to admit that the Armani's are beautiful. A collection definitely for luxurious women that don't need kitsch and loudness to be noticed. My types are the small black hat with elegant suit and fur sleeves with black dress.

Diane von Furstenberg
The inspiration for this collection was Stella Tennant's style. I see here a lot of Kate Moss and Serena from Gossip Girl. The collection shows afternoon style of a young, dynamic woman. I like the mixture of ethnic prints with British province, crazy music festival with elegant cafeteria for snobs, heavy and large with light and thin, carelessness, a feeling that someone just thrown over a clothes found on the floor. Everything is a size or more larger. A colours are grey, grey, grey, red, black, some pink and brown. Sequins and glossy threat. Every woman should find something for herself in this collection.

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  1. i adore all of this beauty. so detailed. xx

  2. Czemu moje życie nie polega na chodzeniu po sklepach i nabywaniu kolekcji?! Takie boskie ciuchy mnie frustrują...