Friday, January 8, 2010


I've always associated Versace with a trash. This time I was positively surprised. I like the colours for sure - navy and sky blue, red, black, aquamarine and orange. I think that the shoes and accessories will be best sellers. It's very tight, short and sexy. The last dresses look like from sex shop and it's a bit plastic, but I kind of like it. Well, this season is dominated by sequins, next one can be by plastic. Only skinny person will look good in such clothes, so I don't think that the bigger models which are popular lately will show up on the catwalk...

What a failure. There's really a little I like. Everything seems to be heavy and ugly. I usually like very much Chinese inspirations, but a Chinese uniform with a strange trinkets together with Mao cap and a fisherman's plastic shoes are a bit too much for me (the last picture). The bags are beautiful and will sell well surely but won't save a whole collection. The peaked hat is a nightmare, hairstyle terrible. The colour palette from a graveyard or swamp. And these deforming exaggerated coats and awfully large arms...bleah (you need to search them on-line as I didn't add them to the pictures). There cannot be a Chanel collection without feminine suits and only they hold together. Karl Lagerfeld went for a journey to Shanghai and through Chinese history but I'm not going with him.

Oscar De La Renta
Everything! I like of course. Spanish seƱorita mixed with 50s kitten. And a little bit of Chanel. Only make-up seems to be a bit exaggerated. The amount of colours and patterns won't be liked by everybody, but it's impossible to deny the collection's charm. I hope to find more clothes of this style in the shops. We'll see if all fashion victims wearing rocker leather jackets and huge arms will change the content of theirs wardrobes for pink-lolita-floral. Maybe everybody will try to look like Alice in Wonderland? All these studs and 80s are totally not my style. There's a little I like from the 80s. A while ago my mum found a white jersey embroidered with pearls. Very 80s but without the nightmare straight from Bon Jovi or Metallica's concert. Very delicate and girly. But let's back to the collection - Oscar De La Renta is taking my favourite designer's place now. I fell in love from first sight. In the colours, in patchwork, the dresses shapes, rose in the hair (which I wear myself from ages), patterns, embroidered cardigans, even in the trousers with high waist.
ps. I've got leopard's print coat for x-mas. Next year I wan a pink one (so remember about it babe).

Burberry Prorsum 
No surprise and no disappointment. A World War I militaries and restrained colour palette, laces and furs. A perfect match of hard and soft. Green, khaki, blue, white and maroon. The shoes can only go up so I'll need to find similar pair. Everyday clothing. As classic that almost boring. Again belts over the dresses and coats, so waist will be nicely strassed. The collection doesn't discover America and they used everything what's best known in the brand.

Naeem Khan 
The collection seems to be a mixture of what was fashionable lately or is at the moment. Late. Feather's skirt? Sequins? One-arm Grecian dress? Some trinkets? Some orients? Some tunics? It seems to be pretty but something is missing. The name is known mainly because of First Lady - Michelle Obama, who wore his dress at state dinner. Nothing impressed or interested me. Boredom.

Zac Posen 
There are collections that I fall in love with. This one isn't one of them. It's really weak. I like few designs, or better - single things, but I'm not delighted. I especially don't like the swan print and strange looking shoes. Again there's no cohesion. I don't know what was the Posen's motto/theme for this collection. Did he watch too many fairytales? Little Red Riding Hood? Alice in Wonderland? We have here swans, mushrooms, ugly furs, dresses which were going to be elegant, dresses for 5-years old, stewardess uniform, faded colours and red lips that don't fit anything. The previous collection was tragic, this one is even worse. Well, I'll try if I like it after a while. And don't they have a pretty models anymore?



  1. I love your selection, there are some really beautiful looks.
    Gosh isn't the Oscar De La Renta collection gorgeous, and very ladylike! Ooh me likey.

    Florrie x

  2. oh yeah. oscar de la renta is my fev now. the pieces he made are just perfect

  3. Love the vintage trip to Portugal or Spain feel to Oscar. The colors enthrall me.