Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Judith Leiber's Bags

Judith Leiber is a coming from Hungary designer of handbags. She retired in 1998 but the company still exist. Under her name there are manufactured an artistic and unique eye-candies. These gems can be often seen in the hands of rich and famous. For example the pink strawberry cake one starred in 'Sex and the City' and on red carped in Katy Perry's hand. Made with a great care and artistic verve, they catch an eye not less than diamonds and expensive jewellery. They can be admired in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And because what's beautiful isn't for free, these little things cost not less than few thousand $$. I like the most the oriental ones - camel, elephant and Indian deity statue. They'll for sure not hold more than a lipstic, but they have other duty. They job is to shine and dazzle by their unusual shape and form. Sweet and childish for first glance, they'll be a real pride of every wardrobe. It's worth to see more designs as the company makes also more classic models.
You can buy them at net-a-porter or Neiman Marcus


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  1. these are so cute!

    lovelove, M.